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F. Kennedy McDaniel, CEO

Kennedy’s calling is to provide access to healthcare for all. Good health doesn’t just mean ‘not sick’, it means being able to live and experience the world on your own terms. This is especially hard for anyone requiring insulin, because diabetes needs constant attention.

After getting a Ph.D., Kennedy attended three years of medical school thinking that being a physician was the best way to deliver excellent healthcare to her patients. Witnessing systemic inequality in our healthcare system, she decided to drop out! Since then, Kennedy has set out to build businesses that are aligned with the patient’s incentives, and that put patients where they always should be: front and center.

Banting is a first of its kind; it’s more than an alternative to a broken system. It is a celebration of diabetic patients and their hard work to stay healthy.

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Parm Gill, Co-Founder

Growing up in Canada, Parm experienced what it means to have affordable access to healthcare. When he moved to the US several years ago, he witnessed first hand how difficult and stressful access to affordable healthcare in the US can be.

What makes Parm incredibly unique is that he’s a master of designing for experience. What does that mean? It means designing everything around a store or website so that you intuitively know where to go and what to click, without having anyone guide you through that process.

Parm is an architect, designer, contractor and businessman extraordinaire. After moving to the US, he’s worked on bringing his design expertise to an outdated field: healthcare. Out of his obsession with not only make healthcare affordable, but also a great experience, Banting was born!