February 2020

There’s a LOT of information available about diabetes and insulin. To be honest, we found ourselves overwhelmed. So once a month we take the most important breakthroughs and updates and put them into a short update here. Enjoy!

Dosing for exercise

It can be hard to know exactly how much to adjust insulin doses for exercise. New research has found that the muscles involved when exercising used more insulin, but the rest of the body used much less. It’s a small study, but in the future, this may unlock reliable insulin dosing for exercise.

A glucose-sensing, insulin-releasing skin patch

A skin patch that releases insulin based on blood sugar has been shown to work in mini-pigs. The microneedles in the patch are said to be less painful than a pinprick, and a patch should last one day. Will it work in people? There’s some more validation work to be completed before there will be a clinical trial – they estimate it will take a couple of years. 

Capping out-of-pocket expenses

Illinois has joined Colorado in capping out-of-pocket expenses for insulin at $100 a month. Caveats: These caps do not apply if you don’t have insurance, or if you’re insured through medicare or the armed forces. Lawmakers in Colorado are working to close a loophole that limits the cap to $100 per prescription per month.

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