Frequently Asked Questions

The Banting marketplace only lists licensed pharmacies from the US and Canada. In Canada, drug prices are negotiated, resulting in significantly lower prices. By ordering through the Banting marketplace, you can buy the same insulin products with savings of 70%.

These are the same insulin products, made by the same manufacturers. In some cases, there are slight differences in packaging, such as in the photo below. All of the medications sold through Banting are authentic products, made by the labeled manufacturer.

Lantus pen sold in the United States (bottom) and in Canada (top). The most notable differences are the additional dark purple blocks and border on the pens sold in the United States.

Yes. Every pharmacy on Banting is fully licensed, registered, and regulated, and sells only authentic products. We require a perfect record from our pharmacy partners.

Yes – the pharmacy that fulfills your order will carefully pack your insulin into insulated boxes with cold packs for thermal control.

Your first order will take the longest to get to you – as much as 2 weeks. This is because our pharmacy partners want to ensure that they are properly validating your prescription. Refill orders that are based on the same validated prescription will arrive 1 week from when you order.

Yes – all orders must be accompanied by a valid prescription. Prescription verification is an important part of pharmacy fulfillment, and necessary for pharmacies to remain in good standing with regulatory authorities.