Help your patients connect to licensed Canadian pharmacies so they can afford to stay on optimal therapy.

Live Test

Real-time A1C testing within your own tele-appointments

Help your patients get their insulin prescriptions quicker by removing expensive and unnecessary barriers.

The Average Patient Saves $3,187/year

Cost is one of the primary reasons patients ration and/or do not fill their prescriptions.


Your patients deserve affordable access

“A lot of people don’t have insurance…[Banting] is a lot cheaper for those, like me, who don’t have insurance or receive any kind of government assistance.”

– Cathy G.

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Carton of 5 Pens

Banting is effortless

You prescribeEmail prescription to
Fax prescription to (925) 658-3471
We DeliverWe deliver your patient's medications to their door in thermal-controlled packaging.
We Follow UpWe follow up to renew their prescriptions for on-time refills

Here’s why Healthcare Providers love Banting!

No insurance required

That’s right! Our prices don’t require expensive insurance policies and won’t affect your premiums.

Safe Partnerships

Our pharmacy partners are thoroughly vetted through the whole supply chain


We’re a Public Benefit Corporation. Unlike standard for profit companies, we’re driven to enhance public access to affordable medications and diagnostics through providing publicly accessible marketplace and other healthcare solutions.