How Can You Ship Insulin Safely During The Summer?

How Can You Ship Insulin Safely During The Summer?

More than ever before, online shopping has become a huge part of our lives. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, people are preferring contactless delivery options over in-store pick up. For anyone with diabetes however, stopping by your local pharmacy to pick up insulin is probably still a part of your routine. But have you ever wondered if you could get your insulin safely shipped to your door?

At Banting, we’ve made that possible….

We’ve heard your concerns. You need to know your insulin will remain in its safe temperature range 2℃ – 8℃ (36℉ – 46℉) during shipping. The pharmacy fulfilling your order will be doing the following to ensure your insulin is delivered safely to you.

  1. Your insulin will always be shipped with cold packs to ensure that it remains in it’s recommended temperature range during delivery.
  2. Your insulin will be packaged in styrofoam boxes. Styrofoam creates a cold zone within a package that allows heat from the outside in at a very slow rate. This makes it possible to ship cold and perishable items safely, even when it takes a few days for a package to reach its destination.
  3. Your box will have a temperature indicating sticker inside, which indicates if the temperature inside the box went outside the recommended temperature range for insulin (2℃ – 8℃ or 36℉ – 46℉) at any point during delivery.
  4. Your insulin will be delivered within 48-72 hours when ordered from
  5. Every package will require a signature upon delivery. This is to ensure the fastest possible shipping time. We recognize that insulin is a life saving medication.


If your sticker indicates that the temperature inside the box deviated from the recommended temperature range, please contact for immediate assistance.

Besides shipping your insulin safely to you, Banting offers the best prices on insulin by working with licensed and vetted Canadian pharmacies. Want to learn more about why the same insulin is 70% cheaper in Canada? Check out our article on why Canadian insulin is cheaper than US insulin.

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