How To Evaluate An Online Pharmacy

How To Evaluate An Online Pharmacy

Online shopping has brought a lot of convenience to our day to day lives. And since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, even more of us have turned to online shopping. But when it comes to shopping online for medications, this can be a bit tricky to figure out. How do you know if you can trust an online pharmacy?

We know that medications like insulin are expensive, and you might have tried to look for ways to save money by ordering from outside the US or shopping through different pharmacies.

Some of the questions that might have come up during this process are:

  1. How do I order from an online pharmacy?
  2. Sure, it’s convenient, but is it safe?
  3. How do I know that i’m ordering from a legitimate pharmacy, and not a scam?

The answer to all of your questions is Banting.

At Banting, we vet all of our pharmacies so that you know you’re ordering from a licensed pharmacy. Here, we’re going to go through the three critical check points a pharmacy needs to pass to be available to you through Banting.

License Verification

All legitimate pharmacies are licensed and must uphold strict standards to remain licensed. These standards include:

  1. Employing a degreed and licensed pharmacist and technician.
  2. Undergoing regular background checks.
  3. Adhering to strict controls and audits on medication supply, storage, and dispensing. (Read more about what it takes to be a licensed pharmacy!)

Although many drug regulations are handled at the national level, pharmacy licenses are generally handled at the state/province level. To ensure consistency, states (in the United States) and provinces (in Canada) have the same core standards for pharmacies. All pharmacy licenses can be confirmed through their state or province, as this is part of the public record. This is step 1 of Banting’s pharmacy verification process.

Performance Record

Many of us would feel most comfortable knowing that we are purchasing from a pharmacy that has a perfect track record, especially if we won’t see it in person. Pharmacy regulations are intended to ensure patient safety, and mechanisms are in place for when a pharmacy falls out of compliance. Just as pharmacy licenses are part of the public record, so are complaints and judgements. For each pharmacy, Banting carefully reviews for a history of any complaints against a pharmacy before listing them in our marketplace.

Shipping Performance

For drugs like insulin, it’s critical that the pharmacy knows how to properly package and ship so that your insulin remains cold while in transit! And just as in the case of pharmacy licenses, it’s valuable to know that you’re buying from someone with a perfect shipping performance. When packages undergo random inspection in transit, they are checked for evidence of medication tampering or contamination. If evidence of either is detected, the package is returned to the pharmacy and a block is placed on the pharmacy from further shipments. At Banting, we check these complaint histories to ensure that only pharmacies with a perfect shipping performance are given the opportunity to ship insulin to you.

Let Banting do the work for you!

With the high cost of medications, we know that there are huge potential savings to be found. But it can be a confusing and a hassle to find the necessary information for every online pharmacy you want to consider. This is why Banting does all of the work for you. We make sure that every pharmacy in our marketplace is licensed and has a perfect track record. This means that when you shop on the Banting marketplace, all you have to worry about is finding the best price.

Want to see how much Banting can save you? Check out our savings calculator!

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  • Cathy espeaignnett at

    I use levemir and it is not on your list.

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      Hi Cathy,
      Sorry about that. Just want to confirm which list you are referring to so that I can make the applicable correction. You can reach me at

      Furthermore, Levemir is $35 per Flextouch Pen and sold in packs of 5. Email me if you have any further questions.

      – Banting

  • James Hendry at

    I use two insulins, Lantau and Novolog. What are the costs for those pens ?

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      Hi James,
      Lantus is offered at $34.99/Pen (Sold in boxes of 5) and Novolog (Novo Nordisk has rebranded it as Novorapid in Canada) is offered at $19.99/Pen (Sold in boxes of 5). Let us know if you have any further questions at

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