Startups: a promising source of new diabetic treatment innovations

Every year thousands of new startups are formed, each trying to solve a different problem with a new solution. Banting is a startup, too! We want to make it easy and safe for you to get affordable insulin. Check us out for major savings! 

Banting isn’t the only startup working to help diabetics. Below are three of the most relevant companies to come out of the Y Combinator program – scroll down to read about some new companies of interest!

Simple Strips

Simple Strips is making glucose test strips that can be scanned with your smartphone camera instead of using a separate meter. Across the health tech space, there are more and more companies finding ways to use our phones to measure health information. Although Simple Strips are currently for investigational use only, the combination of their test strips and app will allow you to measure your blood sugar using your phone camera and log the reading.

Breathe Well-being

Breathe Well-being has a 16-week program that has helped 10,000+ members to lose weight, reduce blood sugar, and prevent health complications through lifestyle tracking, coaching, peer support and community challenges that help you build long-term healthy habits.


nplex is developing a new process for measuring proteins that will allow more proteins to be measured at the same time. This is important because biomarkers that let us measure health or disease are often proteins. Platforms like this will allow us to make better diagnostics and treatments in the future.

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